Kindergarten Visitation Day
is Cancelled

Welcome to Kindergarten at Shevchenko School!  Mrs Christine Storoschuk has been teaching Kindergarten at Shevchenko School since 2002.  Before teaching Kindergarten, Mrs Storoschuk has also taught various subjects from Grades 3-11.  She is a Shevchenko alumnus and is a proud community member.  She resides in Stuartburn with her husband and 3 children.  She is excited each year to meet the newest Kindergarten students entering school.

The Kindergarten Visitation Day will be held in April, see the schedule below.  Parents will accompany their child to participate in various exploration stations and will meet the school team.

Below the schedule, you will find the Shevchenko School Team for Kindergarten along with the Border Land Clinical Services Team.  At the bottom of the page, you will find the Kindergarten Handbook, which answers questions about Kindergarten and provides curriculum information.  There is also a link to a Government of Manitoba resource about getting ready for school.  

 A Parent Questionnaire will provide valuable information for the school to plan for your child’s start to the school.

If you have any further questions, please call the school.

Shevchenko Kindergarten Registration Form

Click the link below to fill out the Kindergarten Parent Questionaire form online

Kindergarten Parent Questionnaire Form

Shevchenko School

Kindergarten Visitation Day 

Thursday, April 23, 2020


Again this year, the school team is having an exploration station format for Kindergarten Registration.  Come prepared to spend the morning to complete the registration for your child and learn about Kindergarten through a variety of different activities!  Please make arrangements to come with your Kindergarten child alone for the morning sessions.


9:00-9:15                 Main Office & Classroom Tour

  • Check-in at the main office to confirm that all paperwork has been completed.

    Please remember to bring your child’s birth certificate to verify their age.

  • Bring your child to the Kindergarten room for a quick tour of the Kindergarten classroom.
  • Pick up your “Little Learner Bag.”


9:15–9:30                Meet in Library

Bring your child to the Library to get a group nametag, schedule and instructions regarding the learning stations.  Staff members will be doing literacy, math, and gross motor activities in a rotation of small groups (3-6 children per group).


9:30–11:00              Parent-Child Session with Stations

You will help your child participate in different stations. 

Be prepared to:

  • stay with your child in the small group
  • üobserve during the activities
  • have many wonderful conversations
  • join in when appropriate


11:00-11:15            Bathroom & Water Break


11:15-11:45            Parent Session with Mrs Storoschuk

You will leave your child in the Library/Music Room to do activities without you. 

Several staff members will be doing various activities with all the children at this time.

Meet back in the Kindergarten classroom with Mrs Storoschuk. 

An overview of the Kindergarten Handbook and Program will be presented by Mrs Storoschuk.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have about Kindergarten.


Mrs Storoschuk will be available after the morning sessions if you have further questions.


We are looking forward to meeting you and your child!

The Shevchenko School Team

school team